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Horizon Showcase for Gifted and Talented Students


Horizon Showcase for Gifted and Talented Students


The Horizon Showcase  is an event for Gifted and Talented students in the CFISD district. This event is open to elementary school kids, all the way up to high school students. This event is a distinguishable way for students to showcase their talent and ideas to others. With various ideas, inventions, technology, and products that are presented annually, it is attended by thousands of people.

My idea is creating a way to help decrease climate change. A simple way to do so this is by using reusable bags in place of plastic bags. Using reusable bags in our daily lives, decreases the exertion of plastic bags being used, resulting in the decline of plastic pollution. Some of the repercussions with climate change is the shrinking ice sheets, rising sea level, and a global temperature rise. With the assistance of Green Bag America and their eco-friendly reusable bag products, the affects of climate in the world can dwindle. Green Bag America promotes going green and helping the environment by producing cleaner and stunning products. Their eco-friendly totes and bags are great for shopping at the mall and grocery shopping. People can pack the items they have bought in the bags instead of the frail plastic bags shops provide.

We can help decrease climate change, one bag at a time.


Christia Alega, CFISD Student


November 2018


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