plastic bag problemAccording to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, today’s businesses need to recognize the current overreliance on plastic bags. The current reliance on plastic bag use is creating a significant environmental problem: plastic bags are used and then disposed of, causing a major increase in waste. Instead of offering consumers plastic bags or using plastic bags, businesses can go green by relying on “the green bag.” Thus, business owners can stop being part of the significant environmental problem, and can easily become part of the solution.

The green bag offers myriad benefits to users. First, the green bag is quite affordable and is created out of 100 percent polypropylene which makes it a product that is completely friendly in terms of the environment. In truth, plastic bags form nearly 22 percent of solid waste currently created. The use of green bags lowers the latter percentage considerably. What is more, polypropylene has a chemical called C3H6, and it is used to create both fiber and plastics. As a plastic polymer, polypropylene proves to be advantageous environmentally speaking: the chemical is a mix of hydrogen and carbon atoms, none of which are harmful to our environment.

While some plastic bags do have polypropylene in them, the affordable green bag is made of three times more Polypropylene than the standard plastic bags being manufactured today. More reliance on the chemical polypropylene means a far better benefit to the environment, if and when the bags are ever disposed of. In addition, the amount of disposals when it comes to the green bag is significantly lower than the number of standard plastic bag disposals: the bag is completely recyclable. Thus, businesses that offer consumers access to the use of green bag products are also offering consumers the benefit of utilizing bags that can be reused time and time again, and the businesses are therefore helping out in terms of lowering the amount of solid waste produced.

To get an idea on what using the green bag can produce in terms of environmental protection, we need to take a look at some studies and the related findings. It has been revealed that a single family unit consisting of no more than four individuals will actually use and dispose of 72 plastic bags on a monthly basis. If we then consider that there are twelve months in a year, the average family unit is wasting 864 plastic bags annually and significantly contributing to the solid waste created every year. Over the course of time, if one family begins to rely on the green bag, within a single decade the family will have refrained from wasting as much as or more than 8640 plastic bags!

Finally, green bags are completely affordable and can also enhance a business’s public image; when a business goes “green” the business is viewed as a caring member of the community — one concerned about the environment and the health of our world. Small and large businesses alike will be able to increase the bottom line of their business; by expressing the concept of caring via environmentally safe business practices, more consumers will look toward the business that is “green.”